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Things are well, as they should be I guess? Obviously not exactly the way I wanted them to be, but exactly as destiny wants them to be. Hahah. Honestly I don't want to waste my precious end of semester break just by lying on my bed sleeping, waking up at 1 or 2pm. Or maybe spend too much time on my laptop for the whole day. I'm thinking of doing great things. In fact, I have one in my mind right now. Hohoho.

So today for the first time ever, I played badminton with Sarah and her sisters. Yeah, Iman and Hannah. Alongside Fir, Shari, Aten and Aswad. Now, isn't it weird that for the first time ever (too), I write something about what I did in a day? No wait, penah la, darn it. Hahah. Shut up. I just feel like writing it (again). Who cares anyway right? Back on track, it was fun actually. No, it was really fun! ;) To express it, I was shocked. I didn't know that Iman; Well I can say, "pretty good" at playing badminton actually. Impressed by her performance, plus with that that sliding thing she did when she tried to catch the shuttlecock, that...was awesome. HAHA. But hey, Sarah wasn't bad too. In fact, she's a fast learner and that's a good thing! Keep it up Sarah! :P Oh, yeah poor you Sarah, you got hit right in the stomach by Shari. I apologize for that low budget drama incident. Hahaha, I got hit once by him too. Yeah, he's a "human attacker" rather than a shuttlecock attacker.

Alright, for this next person I would like to talk about, by no doubt is the youngest girl and also undeniably the cutest (since she's only 4), is Hannah! XD At first, she was very shy and kinda afraid too. Of course, why wouldn't she, right? To her, we're totally strangers, plus Fir with his "big" figure size.....makes sense doesn't it? She didn't want to get away from Sarah or even look at us. But after some time, all the shyness in her gone and she became so excited. Why? She managed to hit the shuttlecock with her racket! Just by looking at her face and expression, anyone in this world would know how she felt bout it. The achievement. "Hehehehe Hannah dah boley pukul!" she said, with that smile on her face. She excitedly asked her Kak Ngah(Sarah) to see it, again and again. She did the same thing to everyone who was there at the moment. That was...quite funny yet cute :P

We played for one hour and a half (but paid for one hour only. Tauke thanks arrr! Hahaha) We're supposed to play at 2.30 but since we showed up a bit late than we should plus to surprisingly see there weren't many people there, we decided to change it to 3pm. So we finished at 4.30pm. Oh just before Hannah went back, she came to me and said "Hannah dah boley pukul dah..balik nanti boley main!" with her omg pelat2 tu..sumpah comel! (hahaha. shut up) Okay I think that's enough. Sorry for my lack of perfection in english, if there's any. (AKU PUN NAK CUBA BERCERITA DALAM BAHASA INGGERIS)


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